2007 NHRA Sport Compact Racing Series NHRA Contingency Award Sponsorship


The NHRA Xplod Sport Compact Series is an exceptional sponsorship opportunity as NHRA’s newest and fastest growing racing program. It offers tremendous value for your company and will prove to be the most successful contingency program in the sport compact racing world.

Benefits and Services
Contingency Sponsors receive a 25% display-space discount at all NHRA Xplod Sport Compact Series events. Display costs and guidelines, space allotments, sign/banner guidelines, and all other on-site arrangements must be coordinated through the individual event track offices. Track contact information will be provided prior to the start of the season.

Each Contingency Sponsor will receive an exchange card good for two credentials and one parking pass at each NHRA Xplod Sport Compact Series event. Credentials and parking are available at each track.

An NHRA Xplod Sport Compact Series Contingency Sponsor logo is available to Contingency Sponsors for use in print and product advertising.

Posting Information
Contingency Sponsorship posting must be made on a single product and brand that is accepted for posting by NHRA and is SFI-approved where applicable.

Contingency awards must be posted for the entire NHRA Xplod Sport Compact Series. Sponsors will pay an annual industry membership fee of $1,000. Please refer to the NHRA Xplod Sport Compact contract for the Series posting deadline.

The postings for the NHRA Sport Compact Series events have been established at the following:

  • $100 for winner and $50 for runner-up for the Street Stock, Quick 16 and E.T. Bracket
  • $200 for winner and $100 for runner-up for the Sport FWD and Sport RWD
  • $300 for winner and $150 for runner-up All Motor, Hot Rod, Modified, Pro FWD and Pro RWD

Awards must be posted for winners and runners-up in all categories where posted product is legal.

There are no guarantee-payout requirements.

NHRA will provide each Contingency Sponsor a complete and timely product and decal verification on both winners and runners-up to help your company determine a racers’ eligibility for contingency awards. Each posting company is required to present or mail contingency awards directly to qualified racers within 30 days following each event.

Each contingency sponsor’s decal is restricted to a maximum 36 square inches. Racers are required to display decals of the exact size and design specified by the posting sponsor, visible on both sides of the vehicle for the duration of the event, in order to be eligible for contingency awards. It is the racers responsibility to obtain contingency decals. Contingency Sponsors must provide racers reasonable access to their decals.

Payouts will be made only to qualified winners and runner-ups.  When possible, use of product will be visually confirmed by NHRA personnel. 

NHRA will have the ability to distribute contingency decals at each event (Friday and Saturday only).  Please send approved contingency decals to NHRA by 3/12/07 to be included.

In 2007, all classes will be run at the eight stand-alone events only.  Pro FWD will compete at two POWERade events (Indianapolis and Dallas) and Pro RWD will compete at the three POWERade events (Topeka, Indianapolis and Dallas).